Top Five Reasons Why Lesley Lambert Does Not Suck!

If you visit my blog often, you’ll note that it’s typically about real estate.  However, this most certainly needs to be posted right now.  Many of you reading have already been made aware of the outright theft of my friend, Lesley Lambert’s entire blog.  If you’re not, take a moment to read Lesley’s short, but very telling post on the Top FIVE Reasons Why Blog Scrapers Suck! Go ahead, read.  I’ll wait………

Ok.  Now that you’ve caught up, can you believe that someone would steal the content from another and claim it as his/her own?  Unfortunately, it happens all the time.  Now, I am not the world’s most accomplished blogger.  I have lots of work ahead of me to get to the place many of my friends are.  But, stealing content is certainly NOT on my list of tasks to promote my blog, my business or anything else.  And, I included the link to Lesley’s story for two reasons.

  1. For those who had not heard the story to become familiar.
  2. To demonstrate the proper way to share content from another writer.

Sometimes your entire story is straight from your own head.  Other times, you may be inspired by something you’ve read elsewhere.  It’s perfectly ok to share, as long as proper credit is given.  It’s also a great way to show love to other bloggers.

With that said, here are my Top Five Reasons Why Lesley Lambert Does Not Suck!

  1. Lesley Lambert is an intelligent real estate agent/blogger who writes excellent content.
  2. You can count on Lesley Lambert to demonstrate the highest level of integrity in everything she does.
  3. Lesley Lambert is a giver.  In fact, had this blogger reached out to her for help she likely would have shared with him more information on how to blog successfully than you can imagine.  I know this, because she is never too busy to help me.
  4. Lesley Lambert works hard to ensure that her information is accurate, fresh and brings value to her readers.
  5. Lesley Lambert has built her following the “old fashioned” way, through hard work, trial and error.  There simply is no substitute for that kind of experience.

So, go forth, write lots of great content, share when it’s appropriate and give your fellow blogger his/her due.  You’ll be happy when the good karma comes back around to you!