Let’s Do Business Gwinnett!!

One of the things which drew me to Gwinnett many years ago was the independent, “Do It Myself” way of life I observed.  We are a largely self-employed, hard working county with tremendous resources – our people being at the top of that list.  Our community shares a long, rich history of progress, we’ve done a lot of things right and a few things wrong.  We learn and come back better and stronger than before.  Today’s times are no different.  With that said, I’m excited but not surprised that the latest economic initiative comes from that very spirit which makes Gwinnett so great.  Let’s Do Business Gwinnett has been launched by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce with support of Partnership Gwinnett to strengthen and restore our local economy by engaging our greatest resources – our local business and citizens. 

Let’s Do Business Gwinnett is an initiative to bring back 5% of current out of county spending by patronizing local business and service providers.  This challenge takes the “Do It Myself” mentality to “Do It Ourself” by recapturing Business to Business and Government to Business spend to provide fuel for a local economic stimulus.  Purchasing agents and decision makers are asked to look for and consider opportunities to use local resources when price, quality and availability requirements are met.  You would be surprised at what is available right here in our very own backyard!

According to the Let’s Do Business Gwinnett site, $20 million leaves our local economy each day.  Returning 5% of that would return approximately $1 million per day back to our local economy.  Keeping that money local will boost established business, provide ground for new business growth, job creation and enrich our tax base, providing needed funds for public services, streets and parks. 

Another part of this program is a $5,000 down payment incentive program created by a collaboration of Gwinnett County government, banks, mortgage companies and community foundations.  This provides up to $5,000 in down payment incentives and low interest mortgages for Gwinnett County residents to use in home purchases.  It’s our local version of the homebuyer tax credit.  Housing is a tremendous part of our local economy from property taxes, to the jobs it provides for our citizens.

To learn more visit http://www.letsdobusinessgwinnett.com.

To find a directory of currently pledged companies, visit http://www.letsdobusinessgwinnett.com/pledged_companies.html

To find more on the homebuyer incentives, visit http://www.letsdobusinessgwinnett.com/homebuyers.html.